Marriage Secrets

Marriage is wonderful!

Nothing in this world is more satisfying than a good marriage. It was the Creator or manufacturer who said "man shall not be alone, I will make for him a suitable helper" in the person of Eve. Marriage is a treasure of God bequeathed to the human family for their happiness and well being.

Marriage is like a heavy chain it takes two to carry it.

Relationships is like a plant, it must be cared for. It must be watered, sunlit, nurtured and loved, otherwise it dies. The same applies to Marriage, if not nutured & watered it will die.

Marriage Secrets

It takes strong commitment and dedication to keep the marriage ship afloat in calm and stormy waters.

From the bible book, 1st Corinthians 13, we discover that Faith, Hope & Love form the foundation for a happy successful marriage. Love & respect are the hallmarks of a happy marriage.

Marriage is like a heavy chain it two to carry it.

The most successful marriage is a blind wife and a deaf husband!.

Sex does not begin in the bedroom, it begins in the kitchen, from kind words, patience, understanding, showing love and affection.

Faults are thick when love is thin

Transparency in finances makes a happy couple

We dont need a change of spouses but a change in spouses.

Husband - we have been married for 5 years and havent agreed on a thing. Wife - your'e wrong again - its been 6 years.

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