About Voice of Hope

The Voice of Hope is an Internet Christian ministry for everyone, based in Canada.

Our mission and purpose is to help people discover Hope & Peace in troubled, stressful times through Jesus Christ, our Creator God of love, who cares for us. He is the solution to all our problems. He has a plan and purpose for our lives. There is hope for you and me.

From first-hand experience we can attest to the fact that He is the answer to our agonies, He is grace for our gloom, He is deliverance for our distresses, He is a blessing for our burdens, He is a cure for our calamities, He is an eraser for our errors. We want to whole world to know that according to the trustworthiness of the Christian Bible, he promised to return at some point in the history of this troubled planet. His Second Coming is called the Blessed Hope.

This exclusive ministry is also devoted to enhancing marriage, relationships, healthy living- emotional, mental and spiritual enrichment which will equip you to face these times of uncertainty, instability, fear, crisis and chaos that is impacting our world and our lives negatively.

This website will also encourage educate and enlighten you in what really matters and how to understand the current situation. We want to encourage and educate on important Bible topics example: end time Bible prophecy, Who is Jesus Christ, How to understand the Bible, stress management, finding happiness and youth guidance.

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