I am Mathew

Web Developer

cartoon man on computer with coding behind him

Let me introduce myself

read my personal portfolio! Allow me to tell you a little about myself and my aspirations. I am a motivated and adaptable person with a penchant for self-directed learning.

I am continually learning and adding to my skillset, and am proud of my productiveness and creativity. I am interested in web design as a career and am willing and able to prove my worth to the right employer.
In the past I have experience in the field of sport both as an athlete and more recently as a volunteer coach for over a decade.
I am always using lessons learned in all facets of my life in how I carry myself moving forward, and pride myself in my abilities as a team player. Please see the rest of my portfolio for more about my skills and achievements!

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Services Offered

I've worked with a range of technologies in the web development world. From Front-End, Back-end to Design.

Computer mouse
Web Design

Experience with
Static Websites, Web Applications

Synergy Design

Experience with

Paper airplane

Experience with
Node and Databases

Rocket ship
UX/UI Design

Experience with
Tools like Figma

My Projects

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