Welcome to Nahim's World of Photography

The camera has evolved throughout decades; integrated into a portion of devices that we call the smartphone. Welcome to my world through Google Pixel. Every time I go to a new location, restaurant or city I get inspired. Mesmerized by the looks of surroundings, a desire arises in me to share my view to the whole world. I’ve been drawn to the ideas of beauty in nature, and cities everywhere I go, taking snapshots of glimpses into my life are moments full of meaning. So, join my journey as you scroll through the pages to view a world through my lens.

CN tower

Toronto's Heritage

When I glanced up at the CN tower, a symbol of our glorious city that makes me feel proud to live in this wonderful city and call myself Torontonian. These images were taken on my phone while I was strolling.

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Tasty Butter Chicken

During a cold week of mid-November, my brother and I decided to go for a lunch break while our SUV was in the shop. We tried a Bengali restaurant nearby and enjoyed Butter Chicken. When the waiter brought it out to our table, the aroma made my mouth water. The creamy, spicy goodness was so picture perfect. But nothing beats my Maa's cooking which is shown below.

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Butter Chicken

Snowy Day in Scarborough

On a snowy day, I decided to go shovel snow from the side of my driveway. As I went to grab the shovel I looked outside, I felt awe of the beauty of the glistening snow. It was as if crystals had fallen from the sky, landed in my backyard and glittered in the sunlight. My beloved backyard, a place of peace and beauty just a step away from my home.

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